Procedure for returning products for countries outside the European community.

Valid for both the Warranty* and Returned Goods**.

Contact us in advance to arrange the return procedure, use the Telegram or Whatsapp channel

  1. Contact us in advance to organize the return or to try to solve your problem.
  2. We will send you the pro-forma invoice to be placed on the outside of the parcel.
  3. Download the Warranty or Return form , fill it in completely and attach it inside the package.
  4. Pack the product to be returned carefully.
  5. Go to a local post office, pick up a CN23 form for international shipping.
  6. Fill in the form paying attention to:
  7. Enter the destination address correctly.
  8. Description of goods: SPARE PARTS ** ** engine, intercom, chassis.
  9. Goods quantity 1. Shipment weight: Enter the actual weight of the shipment.
  10. Value of the goods: $10 We do not accept shipments with a value greater than $10
  11. Reason for shipment: RETURN / RETURN
  12. Enter our telephone number: +39 06 9854933
  13. In the comments space: write the n. motointercom order Una
  14. once delivered to the Post Office, send us the trace of the package, it will be inserted in your order file.

* The shipping costs are charged to the customer, the return shipment is charged to us with an economic system.

** Shipping costs are charged to the customer, they will be reimbursed for a maximum of the shipping cost incurred for the shipment, if the purchase of the goods has taken advantage of the free shipping, the economic shipping shipment will prevail.