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Spare Parts Intercoms Midland

Midland spare parts for intercom motorcycle Wireless

We have in the catalogue all the original spare parts for Intercom Bluetooth MIDLAND, from the first BT series to the last series BTX PROS.

We recommend that you check with care looking at the photos of the product that will represent 100% of the content of what they are buying.

In case you have any doubts in the purchase of the replacement Midland, you can contact us quickly using the channel of instant messaging, the green banner at the bottom of the page.

Available spare parts Midland type :
  • Microphone replacement.
  • Earphones replacement.
  • Mounting to the helmet, is adhesive clip.
  • Ecu replacement.
  • Battery replacement battery.
  • USB cable for charging and updating.
  • Audio Kit complete, to set up a new helmet.
  • Power supplies for charging


Midland BTT Button
  • Reduced price / -35%
Spare Parts Intercoms Midland

Midland BTT Button Bulk

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€26.11 €40.16
The BTT BUTTON is the accessory wireless designed from Midland to put in communication between them the riders of your team. Simple to install, with a battery life of about two years, and fully waterproof, can be used on any cellular Android or iOS thanks to app BTTalk. Without box, shipped in envelope
Velcro speakers, intercom Midland
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Spare Parts Intercoms Midland

Velcro with adhesive for speakers and microphone Midland

Velcro to mount the speakers and microphone inside the helmet. On one side of the velcro is soft, on the side opposite the adhesive. Complete Kit with 2 velcro 45mm round for speakers, velcro pads for microphone, velcro pad for boom microphone. Midland original. Kit as in the photo.
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