Interphone F series

F2 - F3 - F4 - F2S - F3S - F4S

Surely arise between the devices most sold in the world, but as in all things there 'always something we can improve.

With some small measure we could use our Interphone F4 for a very long time but never have any problems.

Our experience leads us to say that as the hardware and software Aarkstore unit is at the top of the range.

The vast majority of failures or better 99% dieritato from misuse or incorrect installation.

In this guide we will explain step by step what to do to make your Interphone F4s immortal.

The most recurrent failure that damages the audio kit installed inside the helmet, comes from an incorrect assemblies of the unit F4s on the helmet.

Tip: Mount the unit F4s with the adhesive plate (supplied in the mounting kit), mount it so that the connector of the audio kit does not touch if we support the helmet on a surface.


f4 assembly ok

As you can see from the immaggini I showed both the assembly diagrams, the wrong one and the right one.


f4 assembly NO

Another point of interest in the transaction that We carry F4S to reload the module.

It can happen that inadvertently the connector of the charger is inserted upside down ...!

Unfortunately, forcing as it comes, but it hurts so inreparabile the control unit F4S.

in immaggini following shows the proper insertion of the connector, it costs us a few seconds of attention, but it avoids throwing or regain control module replacement.

plug f4s 220/110 v

Always check that the symbol is in the direction of the power button.