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Q3 Scala Rider by Cardosystems

Q3 - Q3 Multisetby Cardosistems 

Try and considerations

Presented in Milan in 2012 is finally available for sale, let's see what are the main features of the new Scala rider Q3.

  • First we find the packaging of disposito under consideration, the model Q3 Multiset truly complete and well cared for in small details, and also outside the common packaging desing with a truly captivating.
  • By opening the package are set out clearly the two units, which at first glance seem quite impressive, but in reality are much smaller thanthe competition, the overall dimensions including the audio kit is 20 mm x 75 mm.
  • Very functional the new Kit Audio, with the possibility to choose the type of microphone according to the type of helmet holding.
  • Particularly important, the bracket clamp is now in metal and no longer in plastic material, are supplied with two other types of mounting brackets with adessivo. A transparent highest of 20mm for mounting on helmets with a rubber profile, the other lower mount for helmets whole cap.
  • The headphones are connected to the controller with a simple jack connector 3.5, can be mounted in two ways (check the type of helmet) The first is for helmets without preparation, in fact, the headset has a 7mm thick neoprene sponge, in If you are supplied with helmet designed two spacers that bring the total thickness of the headset to 20mm.


  • As main new features include the double doors for Bluetooth devices Phone, GPS, MP3. We can assign the priority of one of the paired devices and we can change it at any time.
  • Sharing: You can now share music between rider and passenger for a maximum distance of 10 meters.
  • Voice commands latest generation.
  • FM Radio with RDS with 6 presets and automatic storage of 6 radio stations by pressing a button.
  • Software update on the site of our community cardosysmes.
  • Pairing with 3 other devices Q3 and G9, G4, Q2, Q2 Pro, Pro Teamset, chuberth SRC-Systems.

q3 box
What is the current package

q3 multiset box open
The open pack

q3 multiset contenuto della confezione
Package Contents big

q3 multiset
Content inner boxsmall

q3 audio kit
Details based on audio terminal kit

q3 audio kit boom
Detail audio kit with boom microphone

q3 audio kit wire
Detail audio kit with wired microphone

q3 audio kit adesive
Detail of the two plates adhesive

q3 cardo sistems scala rider user guide
User manual in 6 languages:

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