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Tip Observatia Anul MBK Flame R K 125 XC XC Flacara ㅎ ㅎ 97-98125 00-03125 95-96125 XC Flacara T ㅎ ㅎ XC Vertex 97 Yamaha YJ125 YJ125 Vino Vino Statele Unite ale Americii Statele Unite ale Americii 09 06-08 XT 125 XT 125 91-96 2YU 2YE XT 125 88-90 82-86 XC125 TR Cygnus R ㅎ ㅎ 5EK TW125 95-01, 99-04 5RS 3MW SR125 SR125 SE 00-02 80-99150 Zboara Un ㅎ ㅎ SR185 98-99 H, J ㅎ 81-82 N ㅎ YFM200 85-89 YTM200 EK, EL, ERN (Tri Moto) ㅎ 83-85 YTM200 K, L, N (Tri Moto) ㅎ 83-85 YFM200 DXS DXW ㅎ 86-87 XT200 47J, Japonia ㅎ TW200 S, SC, T, TC, V, VC, W, WC, X, XC ㅎ XT200 04-08 J, K, KC ㅎ TW200 82-83 N, N, P, PC-ul, R, RC 01-03 TW200 Trailway ㅎ H , HC, J, JC Trailway ㅎ 96-00 TW200 T, U, W, A, B, D, E, F Statele Unite ale Americii 87-94 BW200 N, S, ES, ET, EU ㅎ 85-88 AG200 1FE ㅎ TW200 Y , YC ㅎ 09 YFM225 S, T, U ㅎ 86-90 YTM225 DRN, DRS ㅎ 85-86 YTM225 DXK, DXL, DXN, DRS (Tri Moto) 83-86 XT225 ㅎ D, E, F, GH, J, K , L, M Serow ㅎ 92-00 XT225 N, P, R, S, T, V, W ㅎ 01-07 TT225 S, T TT-R225 ㅎ ㅎ 86-87 00-04 03-04 YFM230 BearTracker ㅎ TT- R230 ㅎ 05-08 TT-R230 Y ㅎ 09 YFB250 FW Timberwolf ㅎ 00 YFM250 C ㅎ 89-92 XT250 L, LC ㅎ 84 YFM250 Ursul Tracker ㅎ 91-04 YFM250 Bruin ㅎ 06 YFM250 W, X, Y Big Bear ㅎ 07 - 09 YFB250 F, FWF / G / H / K, H, UH, J, UJ, Marea Britanie Timberwolf ㅎ 94-99 YFB250 D, G ㅎ 92-95 YFM250 ERW, ERA, D ㅎ SRX250 89-93 N, T, CT ㅎ 87 XT250 T 48Y, Japonia ㅎ XT350 55V, 3YT 90-01 TT350 A, B, ㅎ 90-92 TT350 S, T, V ㅎ 86-89 BW350 U 2JN 88 XT350 55V, 3YT 85-89 TT600 R ㅎ 99-03 TT600 Și ㅎ 99-00 TT600 S, E 97 ㅎ

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