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BENELLI 504 Sport Quattro Cil. 500 0000-0000 
BENELLI LS Quattro Cil. 500 1976-1980 
BENELLI 654 Sport 650 1983-1983 
BENELLI Sei 750 1975-1978 
BENELLI Sei 900 1981-1990 
BIMOTA KB2 500 1981-1984 
BIMOTA YB4 750 1988-1990 
BIMOTA HB2 900 1982-1983 
BIMOTA KB1 1000 1978-1982 
BIMOTA KB3 1000 1983-1984 
BIMOTA YB6 1000 1988-1990 
BIMOTA HB3 1100 1983-1985 
BIMOTA YB5 1200 1987-1988 
HONDA CB F/F1 Four 350 1972-1976 
HONDA CB F (F0/F1/F2) 400 1975-1979 
HONDA CB Four (K0/K1/K2/K3) 500 1971-1977 
HONDA CB F Super Sport (F0/F1/F2) 550 1975-1977 
HONDA CB Four (K0/K1/K2/K3/K4) 550 1974-1978 
HONDA CB (Z) (RC03) 650 1979-1981 
HONDA CB C (A/B) (RC05) 650 1980-1981 
HONDA CB SC Nighthawk (RC08/RC130) 650 1982-1985 
HONDA CB C Custom (A/B/C) (RC01) USA 750 1980-1982 
HONDA CB C Custom (B/C) (RC06) 750 1981-1982 
HONDA CB F0 Super Sport 750 1975-1975 
HONDA CB F1 Super Sport 750 1976-1976 
HONDA CB F2 Super Sport 750 1977-1977 
HONDA CB F2C Super Sport (RC04) 750 1982-1982 
HONDA CB F3 Super Sport 750 1978-1978 
HONDA CB FA Super Sport (RC04) 750 1980-1980 
HONDA CB FB Super Sport (RC04) 750 1981-1981 
HONDA CB FC Super Sport (RC04) 750 1982-1982 
HONDA CB FZ Super Sport (RC04) 750 1979-1979 
HONDA CB K Four (K0/K8) 750 1969-1978 
HONDA CB K Four Limited L (RC01) 750 1979-1979 
HONDA CB SC Nighthawk (RC012) 750 1982-1983 
HONDA CB C Custom (SC04) 900 1980-1982 
HONDA CB F Bol d'or (FC/F2C/FD/F2D (SC09) 900 1982-1983 
HONDA CB F Bol d'or (FZ/FA/FB/F2B) (SC01) 900 1979-1981 
HONDA CB C Custom 1000 1983-1983 
HONDA CBX (6 cil.) (CB1) 1000 1978-1979 
HONDA CBX (6 cil.) (SC03) 1000 1980-1980 
HONDA CBX Super Sport (6 cil.) (SC06) 1000 1981-1982 
HONDA GL Gold Wing Ltd,K1,K2,K3,Z (GL1/GL2) 1000 1975-1979 
HONDA CB F Bol D'or (SC11) 1100 1983-1983 
HONDA CB R (SC05) 1100 1981-1981 
HONDA CB R (SC08) 1100 1982-1983 
HONDA GL GoldWing (SC02) 1100 1980-1983 
HONDA GL Gold Wing (SC14) 1200 1984-1987 
KAWASAKI EL Eliminator (EL250B/E/F) 250 1988-2003 
KAWASAKI EX Ninja R (EX250K8F) 250 2008-2012 
KAWASAKI ZZ R - Ninja R (EX250E/EX250F) 250 1986-2007 
KAWASAKI GPX R (ZX400RF1) 400 1987-1987 
KAWASAKI GPZ (ZX400A1/A3) 400 1983-1985 
KAWASAKI LTD (KZ400H1) 400 1979-1979 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ400) 400 1974-1974 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ400A1/A2) 400 1977-1978 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ400B1/B2) 400 1978-1979 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ400C1) 400 1978-1978 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ400D) 400 1975-1975 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ400D3/D4) 400 1976-1977 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ400J1/J2/J3) 400 1980-1982 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ400S/S2/S3 Special) 400 1975-1977 
KAWASAKI ZL A Eliminator 400 1986-1987 
KAWASAKI ZR (KZ400F) 400 1983-1985 
KAWASAKI ZR Zephyr (ZR400C1/C7) 400 1989-1995 
KAWASAKI ZR Zephyr X (ZR400G1/G7) 400 1996-2006 
KAWASAKI LTD (KZ440A1/A2/A3/A4/A5) 440 1980-1983 
KAWASAKI LTD Belt (KZ440D1/D2/D3/D4/D5/D6) 440 1980-1984 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ440B1/B2) 440 1980-1981 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ440C1/C2) 440 1980-1981 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ440H1/H2) 440 1982-1983 
KAWASAKI Z Belt (KZ440G1) 440 1982-1982 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ500B1/B2) 500 1979-1980 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ500B3) 500 1981-1981 
KAWASAKI GPZ (KZ550GPD1/H1/H2) 550 1981-1983 
KAWASAKI GPZ (ZX550A1/A6) 550 1982-1986 
KAWASAKI LTD (KZ550LTD C1/C2/C3/C4) 550 1980-1983 
KAWASAKI LTD Shaft (KZ550F2) 550 1984-1984 
KAWASAKI LTD Shaft (KZ550M1) 550 1983-1983 
KAWASAKI Spectre (KZ550F1) 550 1983-1983 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ550B1/B2) 550 1984-1986 
KAWASAKI Z F (ZR550A1/A2) 550 1983-1984 
KAWASAKI Z GT (KZ GT) (KZ550G1/G9) 550 1983-2001 
KAWASAKI ZR Zephyr (ZR550B1>B9) 550 1990-2000 
KAWASAKI GPX R Ninja (ZX600B1/C1/C10) 600 1988-2000 
KAWASAKI GPZ R Ninja (ZX600A1/A4) 600 1985-1988 
KAWASAKI CSR (KZ650H1/H2/H3) 650 1981-1983 
KAWASAKI LTD (KZ650E1) 650 1980-1980 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ650C1/C2/C3/C4) 650 1977-1979 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ650F1) 650 1980-1980 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ650F2/F3/F4) 650 1981-1983 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ700A) 700 1984-1984 
KAWASAKI GPX R (ZX750F1/F2/F3) 750 1987-1989 
KAWASAKI GPZ (KZ750R1) 750 1982-1982 
KAWASAKI GPZ (ZX750A1/A2/A3/A4/A5) 750 1983-1987 
KAWASAKI GPZ R Ninja (ZX750G2/G3) 750 1985-1986 
KAWASAKI GPZ Turbo (ZX750E1/E2) 750 1984-1985 
KAWASAKI GT (Z750P1>P9) 750 1982-1996 
KAWASAKI LTD (KZ750H1/H2/H3/H4) 750 1980-1983 
KAWASAKI LTD Shaft (KZ750F1) 750 1983-1983 
KAWASAKI Spectre (KZ750N1/N2) 750 1982-1983 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ750E1/E2/E3) 750 1980-1982 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ750L1/L2) 750 1981-1982 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ750L3/L4) 750 1983-1984 
KAWASAKI ZR Zephyr (ZR750C/D) 750 1991-1999 
KAWASAKI ZR7/ZR7S (ZR750F) 750 1999-2003 
KAWASAKI ZXR (ZX750H1/H2) 750 1990-1990 
KAWASAKI GPZ R Ninja (ZX900A1/A6) 900 1984-1989 
KAWASAKI GPZ R Ninja (ZX900A7/A15) 900 1990-1996 
KAWASAKI GPZ RX (ZXT00A A1/A3) 1000 1986-1988 
KAWASAKI GTR Concours (ZG/ZGTA) 1000 1986-2006 
KAWASAKI LTD (KZ1000K1/K2) 1000 1981-1982 
KAWASAKI Z (KZ1000J1/J3) 1000 1981-1983 
KAWASAKI Z Police (1>24)(KZ1000P) 1000 1982-2005 
KAWASAKI Z R (1/2)(KZ1000R) 1000 1982-1983 
KAWASAKI ZL Eliminator (A1)(ZL1000) 1000 1987-1987 
KAWASAKI ZX10 Tomcat Ninja (B1/B2/B3)(ZX1000) 1000 1988-1990 
KAWASAKI GPZ (KZ1100B1) 1100 1981-1981 
KAWASAKI GPZ (KZ1100B2) 1100 1982-1982 
KAWASAKI GPZ (ZX1100A1/A2/A3) 1100 1983-1985 
KAWASAKI GPZ (ZX1100E1/E2/E3) 1100 1995-1997 
KAWASAKI GPZ ABS (ZX1100F1) 1100 1996-1997 
KAWASAKI LTD Shaft (KZ1100L1) 1100 1983-1983 
KAWASAKI LTD Shaft (ZN1100B1/B2) 1100 1984-1985 
KAWASAKI Spectre (KZ1100D1/D2) 1100 1982-1983 
KAWASAKI Z R (KZ1100R1/R2) 1100 1984-1985 
KAWASAKI ZR Zephyr (ZR1100A1/A2/A3/A4) 1100 1992-1995 
KAWASAKI ZR Zephyr (ZR1100B1/B2/B3) 1100 1996-1998 
KAWASAKI ZRX (ZR1100D) 1100 1997-1999 
KAWASAKI ZZR Ninja / ZX11 (ZXT_C/D) 1100 1990-2001 
KAWASAKI ZG Voyager XIII 1200 1986-2003 
KAWASAKI ZRX 1200 2001-2004 
KAWASAKI ZRX R 1200 2001-2006 
KAWASAKI ZRX S 1200 2001-2005 
KAWASAKI ZZR 1200 2002-2005 
MOTO GUZZI GTS 4C 400 1975-1980 
MOTO GUZZI LS Quattro 4C 500 0000-0000 
MOTO GUZZI Sport 4C 654 0000-0000 
TRIUMPH Daytona 750 1991-1995 
TRIUMPH Trident 750 1991-1998 
TRIUMPH Speed Triple Carb. (T301) 885 1994-1996 
TRIUMPH Adventurer (T309RC) 900 1996-2001 
TRIUMPH Daytona (T309) 900 1991-1997 
TRIUMPH Daytona Super 3 (T311/312/313) 900 1993-1994 
TRIUMPH Legend TT (T309RT) 900 1999-2001 
TRIUMPH Sprint Carb. (T388) 900 1993-1998 
TRIUMPH Sprint Sport Carb. (T388) 900 1996-1998 
TRIUMPH Thunderbird 5 Speed (T309RT) 900 1994-1997 
TRIUMPH Thunderbird 6 Speed (T309RT) 900 1998-2003 
TRIUMPH Thunderbird Sport (T309RD) 900 1998-2004 
TRIUMPH Tiger (T409) 900 1993-1998 
TRIUMPH Tiger I (T709) 900 1999-2000 
TRIUMPH Trident (T309R) 900 1991-1998 
TRIUMPH Trophy (T309ST) 900 1991-2001 
TRIUMPH Daytona 1000 1991-1995 
TRIUMPH Daytona 1200 1993-1994 
TRIUMPH Trophy 1200 1991-2003 
YAMAHA FZ / FZ Genesis 750 1985-1993 
YAMAHA FZR R Genesis 750 1987-1988 
YAMAHA FZX 750 1987-1988 
YAMAHA FZR 1000 1987-1990 
YAMAHA FJ (47E) 1100 1984-1985 
YAMAHA FJ A Fairing ABS 1200 1991-1993 
YAMAHA FJ Fairing 1200 1986-1992 
YAMAHA XJR 1200 1994-1997 
YAMAHA XJR (RP021/022/024/061/064/101/104/191/192/194)(5EA/5WM/2PN) 1300 1999-2015

1 Item
    International shipments


    DHL DHL air freight or truck: Worldwide

    All shipments are covered by delivery insurance.

    The courier makes two delivery attempts.

    In case of non-delivery, the courier will call for an appointment.

    After 7 days the package will return to Us.

    It will be possible to issue a refund, excluding the costs of shipping.

    GLS truck only European community:

    All shipments are covered by delivery insurance.

    The courier makes two delivery attempts.

    In case of non-delivery, the package will be available for 7 days in the parcelshop indicated in the shipment form

    After 7 days the package will return to Us.

    It will be possible to issue a refund, excluding the costs of shipping.

    Spring Parcel: Worldwide

    Shipping is not covered by delivery insurance.

    The courier makes two delivery attempts. (depends on destination country)

    In case of non-delivery, the package will be available for 7 days in the parcelshop indicated in the shipment form

    After 7 days the package will return to Us. (the shipment can take up to three months to return to us)

    It is not possible for us to interact with the courier for delivery problems.

    It will be possible to issue a refund, excluding the costs of shipping.

    PostNL shipping by registered mail: Worldwide

    Shipping by registered mail, slow but cheap.

    Only a delivery attempt.

    If you are not present at home the postman should leave the notice of passage, but it does not always happen, often monitor the journey of your package.

    Delivery is made by your usual postman.

    If the shipment is not delivered, it will be available for collection within 20 days of the delivery attempt.

    The shipment remains in stock at the post office in your area.

    If you don't pick up the shipment within 20 days, it will come back to us. It can take up to 4 months to return.

    It will be possible to issue a refund, excluding the costs of shipping.

    I want to return my purchase

    A recommendation, before buying the product, you are sure that is what you really want, if you have any doubts contact us.

    Returning a product has never been easier. Even if the legislature provides communications by registered mail and fax from Us it is not so

    just contact us on our Whatsapp channel and we will be happy to help you fill out the return request.


    They cannot be returned:

    Electronic products, if activated or registered, cannot be returned.

    Mechanical products if mounted or with obvious signs cannot be returned.


    Products with damaged box or with signs of wear or neglect can be returned with a penalty in the repayment, equal to the restoration of the package.

    Products composed of several components, if part of them are missing or show signs of application / assembly. Refund with penalty equal to the cost of missing or used pieces.

    The process of return or replacement is very simple, just send the well-packed item complete with all accessories and packaging with the original tax document that you received with your order. Send everything to our office, after the verification a refund will be issued.

    Due to the low percentages of revenue on the products (convenient purchase price) we cannot bear the costs of return. All costs for returning the package remain the responsibility of the buyer.

    How does the warranty?

    Premise: We are NOT the ones who produce the products, but we are only the distributors.

    All products are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

    All products are subject to warranty restrictions, listed in the product warranty rules.

    Do you have a problem with a product?

    Contact us on our WhatsApp channel in a few steps we will solve the problem.

    Keep in mind that :

    Within 30 days of your purchase, we assume full responsibility for return and shipping charges. *

    After 30 days the sending of the goods (where requested **) is charged to the customer.

    The shipment of the replaced or repaired product is always at Our expense (with rare exceptions ***).

    Always attach a copy of the tax document that you originally received.

    The times for the resolution of the Guarantee vary from product to product. ****

    * Italy - we will send the courier for collection.

    * Abroad - The shipment must be made by the buyer with registered letter or simple postal package, we will refund the costs or to offset send an item of your choice.

    ** On some products we require a small video with the destruction of the piece, then we will send the replacement.

    *** There may be conditions in which we favor our customers for warranty work even if it is not covered by the warranty clauses. Here the customer pays for sending and returning the piece.

    **** On some types of products we are authorized in our own autonomy to accept or reject warranty claims, the times for these cases are 48 hours for the outcome and shipment of the replaced or repaired product. In other cases we have to wait for the manufacturer to replace the defective item or for it to be repaired.

    In any case we are not responsible for the transport of goods, both incoming and outgoing.

    It is always our intention to satisfy our customer.

    What are Bulk products or no box?

    They are Products that we purchase in large quantities of which, due to a logistical issue, we do not want the box for the too much bulk it creates in our warehouse.

    Example KIT PROSOUND one box contains 12 kits, the same box in BULK contains 45 KITs

    Even for single Intercom kits to save space and to save you money, our Bulk intercom kits are half the price of a double pack, plus the integrative parts to make it equal to a single kit with box.





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