How does the warranty?

Premise: We are NOT the ones who produce the products, but we are only the distributors.

All products are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

All products are subject to warranty restrictions, listed in the product warranty rules.

Do you have a problem with a product?

Contact us on our WhatsApp channel in a few steps we will solve the problem.

Keep in mind that :

Within 30 days of your purchase, we assume full responsibility for return and shipping charges. *

After 30 days the sending of the goods (where requested **) is charged to the customer.

The shipment of the replaced or repaired product is always at Our expense (with rare exceptions ***).

Always attach a copy of the tax document that you originally received.

The times for the resolution of the Guarantee vary from product to product. ****

* Italy - we will send the courier for collection.

* Abroad - The shipment must be made by the buyer with registered letter or simple postal package, we will refund the costs or to offset send an item of your choice.

** On some products we require a small video with the destruction of the piece, then we will send the replacement.

*** There may be conditions in which we favor our customers for warranty work even if it is not covered by the warranty clauses. Here the customer pays for sending and returning the piece.

**** On some types of products we are authorized in our own autonomy to accept or reject warranty claims, the times for these cases are 48 hours for the outcome and shipment of the replaced or repaired product. In other cases we have to wait for the manufacturer to replace the defective item or for it to be repaired.

In any case we are not responsible for the transport of goods, both incoming and outgoing.

It is always our intention to satisfy our customer.