Schematic of coupling between the device and Schuberth Intercom Scala Rider G4 SRC System

For scala rider ® G4 to Schuberth SRC-System ™, follow the instructions below:

If one of the two devices (G4 or SRCS) is off, turn it on by pressing and holding the key to moving up when the blue light flashes three times.


Schuberth src system bottone accensione


Ensure that both devices are now flashing slowly in blue.

On the G4, choose an available channel that you want to match the SRC-System (CHANNEL "A" or CHANNEL "B").

Cardo scala rider G4 abbinamento con schuberth src system


On the G4, press and hold the CHANNEL button selected ("A" or "B") for at least six seconds until the blue light or red unit starts to flash rapidly, indicating it is in pairing mode Intercom. (See the table for coupling LEDs for each channel).


Interfono schuberth src system comando canali interfono


schema di abbinamento interfono cardo g4 con schubert src

Repeat steps 3-4 for the SRC-System.
Within seconds, both devices show a steady light for two seconds, indicating that they are now associated, connected and ready for use.
Within seconds, both headsets are a solid light for two
seconds, indicating that the two headsets are now associated, connected and ready for use.

NOTE: If the Pairing process is not completed within two minutes, the G4 will return to Standby mode