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Considerations Scala Rider G4

Now it's been over a year since he came into the trade Cardo G4, we were immediately lintuito to understand that this instrument is also allowed to do things not publicized in the Cardo, the first and I think the most important is what allows us to communicate multi-conference with a maximum of N. Motorcycles, helmets tested at 12 today with 24 motion, as amended in 12 pilots and 12 passengers with a master for the drivers and passengers to master that would allow you to enable or disable communication between the two groups.

Now let's see in detail how to configure various devices and systems configuration possible:


Moto X (X identifies the bike and the number eg. Moto 1)

A or B (identifies the channels of the Thistle G4)


Communication cascade, we assume that there are 4 riders 1 2 3 4 without passengers, or configuration will be: Moto 1 (A) Moto 2 (A) - Moto 2 (B) with Moto 3 (A) - Moto 3 (B) com Moto 4 (A) - and so on by adding more bike in this configuration, start the bike chain and the last will have a free channel for connecting the phone or navigator, but in this case if one goes out of range of motion stops chain until it falls within the range.

Configuring a circle, equal to the cascade configuration with the difference that the former will match the top of the waterfall thus closing the circle, the advantage is that if a bike goes out of range of the group remains in touch, no one can turn disadvantages phone or navigation does not change until a channel and in any case, it is always in communication with the group.

G4 Powerset configurazione multiconferenza

G4 Powerset configurazione multiconferenza

Volantino Scala Rider G4

Volantino 2011 g4 powerset illustrazioni caratteristiche


Nuova Funzione '' Click-to-Link™ ''

G4 e G4 powerset nuova funzione Klick to Link

What is Click-to-Link ? The name says: just click to connect. Click-to-Link is the
exclusive new feature, available on G4 and G4 PowerSet scala rider, which allows the
push of a button to initiate a conversation in an immediate way intercom
other motorcyclists who use G4 and are nearby.

Iphone Compatibile

Scala rider G4 compatibile con iphone

All of the new communications systems provide a high level rider with interactivity
electronic equipment such as navigators, MP3 players and phones: with stickers "iPhone compatible" you can report effectively scale the system's compatibility with the rider of the latest generation mobile phones, including iPhone.

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