dhl air

DHL International airmail

In view of the large underserved areas in which there is a supplement of 24 euro plus shipping, we reserve the right to cancel the order. Prior to communication of the replacement of the shipping system. We will announce an alternate carrier for shipping.

The shipment handed over to DHL by air are covered by the basic insurance up to $90 USD.

Take out a policy to cover the total of the shipment has a value of 10€ with a maximum of 1000€ and can be purchased separately in the order. Whereas, I think DHL is the courier service the most reliable in the absolute , in 5 years and thousands of shipments, we have found only 2 problems of loss of the parcel.

Shipping in the european community:

The shipping for the european community are not subject to taxation, there are no added costs in addition to what you have already paid.

The delivery times to Europe vary according to destinations:

  • The city with the airport via DHL the delivery is in 24 hours from the time of dispatch.
  • City distant from airports with a stopover DHL can also serve 3 days.
  • The city, in remote areas the delivery may take 5 days. Have a supplement of 24 euro.
Shipments outside the european community :
For all shipments outside the european community, it is possible you must pay directly to the courier DHL for the customs charges related to the laws in force in the country of destination.
It will be the DHL courier to inform you in advance of charges to be paid at the time of delivery, DHL sdoganerà to Your account the purchased goods.
Delivery times the World vary according to the destinations:
  • The city with the airport, with a stopover DHL delivery is 2/3 days from shipment.
  • City distant from airports with a stopover DHL can also be used 3-5 days.
  • The city, in remote areas the delivery may also arrive in 5 to 10 days. Have a supplement of 24 euro.

If a package is not deliverable (incorrect address or due to non-payment of customs duties) of the package, DHL will be returned to Us. Any customs taxes due for the return shipment will be charged to You, Such Amount will be deducted to the refund of the order.

We note that in some countries there are no customs duties to pay , or are applied infrequently. Remain at Your expense Duties and Taxes of entry into Your country. Make sure what are the costs of customs clearance.