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Battery replacement intercom Cardo Scala Rider

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Battery Replacement Procedure Scala Rider Intercoms

  • Remove the screws of the body

  • Use a tool (see photo) to detach the two bodies

  • Remove the upper shell

  • Remove the screws that secure the power base

  • Turn the power base (do not worry the external connections are heat sealed)

  • Desolder the old battery from the negative power base

  • Solder the negative side of the new battery

  • Desolder the positiveold battery from the power base

  • Solder the positive of the new battery

  • Testing the power of the device by pressing the small switch on the power base

  • Place the battery in your accommodation

  • Arrange the wires carefully (that do not impede the editor)

  • Secure the power base with the screws

  • You can use various sealants for coupling the two shells, but very little in quantity

  • Pairing the two shells and tighten the screws

  • Finished.

What You Need:
a small screwdriver (only for devices Midland by Vardo)
Torx key for all other
a plastic screwdriver curved, to unglue the two shells, alternatively a cap of a pen BIC sfinato.
Tools for disassembly q2 pro thistle


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