Cardo products are designed for pilots, for pilots and we have decided to offer the scala rider G9 users with a software update full of fantastic great features that will undoubtedly enhance their driving experience like never before.

Thanks for the update software version 2.0, users G9 are now able to enjoy the following new features when and where you ride:

• Music Sharing ™ - Rock out with your passenger to enjoy the same great stereo music

• Protocol Dual Handsfree - connect two phones or a phone and GPS at the same time

• set and change the default mobile phone for outgoing calls if they are connected two mobile phones

• Intercom-to-Phone - Call divert internal automatically to your phone when out of range

• Friends of the phone - use the slots of friends 1 + 8 intercom to your existing phone contacts

• Scan Music - easily search for the track you want to listen to at the touch of a button

To enjoy the new software update, visit the Community Thistle .

Please note that after the software update, several features of the G9 will operate differently and associated equipment, suchas cell phones, GPS units and MP3 players will also be paired again.

Do you have questions about the new features and how they enjoy? Download the latest version of the user guide and quick start guides. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.