First impressions and test for the new intercom Sena 20S

Sena Bluetooth intercom 20s test

The first thing to do go to the site SENA and download the manual, please read it carefully, as the features of this device are truly many. Do not panic! at the end of a no-brainer to interact with the 20S Sena.

Here are main features del'interfono Sena 20S

  • I state the basic functions are the same as all the intercom for motorcycles on the market, so I'm not here to list them.

  • Multiparing: 20S Sena allows pairing with the major brands of intercom on the market, enables a 2-way communication, or 3-way, even the multi-conference (see manual configuration sena 20S)

  • Comes with three microphones.

  • Fully configurable from smartphones, Apple, Android.

  • Environment microphone, lets you listen to what happens outside of the helmet.

  • Device button for quick release and greater safety.

  • Sharingtelephone communication to three.

  • Sharing the music as background to a conversation Intercom

  • Quality HD Audio.

  • 13 hours of talk time!

Assessment components and packaging.

At first thing I noticed when I picked up the box of the 20S Sena, weight, much heavier than the competition.

Just open I was excited by what I saw, the earphones are large in size 40mm, finely wired and aesthetically very beautiful (with chrome frame).

The controller fairly massive 94mm length 47mm width 26mm thick, the rest to last 13 hours of talk time, the battery should be of considerable size.

Do not be alarmed by the length, the space it occupies the fastening system to the helmet very small, just 37mm, so you monter on all models of helmet, even the most spherical.

The Audio Kit really nice and well built, the unit fits on his sleigh, has a practical engagement tooth, controlled for the extraction of a button on the back. has a connector for devices MP3 wire tip, and in the opposite side a second audio output, to be able to adapt other earphones without removing those inside the helmet. Also on the Sena Audio Kit20s we find the command to turn the microphone on the environment. In the rear there are connections microphone and earphones, both removable.

Going more deeply we are all accessories for mounting and the two extra microphones (in addition to mounted audio kit), equipped with MP3 cable, USB cable, and charger with SOKET outlet (cigarette lighter).

The Sena 20S has all the requirements for asserting and justifying its price, today I think it is the most complete on the market, there is nothing left to find 2 hours of time for fun to put stress on the scene 20S