The passenger or driver when you hear an annoying noise in communication?

Here's how to solve this trivial problem, which plagues many motorcyclists:
1) Do not ever mount the front microphone to his mouth, but make sure it's side (the tip of the microphone should not exceed the center of the mouth).
2) Choosing the lateral position, we must find the point as less turbulence, it does not matter if two inches up or down, our voice will come forever.

In particular helmets unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to be able to act in this way!
1) We need to necessarily replace the microphone sponge, a sponge with high density.
2) if also with the replacement (certainly in this way we would have already risen more than 50% of the noise) can shield even more, by inserting a small sponge and then the high-density
3) if also in this case still feel noises ... change helmet :).

Clarifications on which interact microphone:
if the helmet (A) hear the noise, you will have to interact with the helmet microphone (B)