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Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

Make Model

Middle Range High

Features BTX2FM F4MC Q3 TeamSet SMH5FM
Pilot Passenger Intercom Function or or or or
Intercom Function Pilot Pilot or or or or
Intercom Function Pilot Pilot Conference x x x x
Mobile Bluetooth connection or or or or
MP3 Bluetooth connection or or or or
MP3 connection cable or x or x
Connection with GPS * or or or or
Power Bluetooth chip (only motorcycle motorcycle) 800m 800m 1000mt 700mt
Voice Alerts or or or or
Voice Commands x or or or
Conference Mode x x x x
Stereo or or or or
FM Radio or or or or
FM Radio with RDS or or or or
Alarm Alert comunty x x x x
USB Cable or or or or
Power supply 110/220V or x or x
Cable MP3 optional x or x
Custody device x x or x
Adhesive plate mounting kit audio or or 2 models or
Plate clamp mounting kit audio or or or or
Audio kit with dual microphones or or or x
Interchangeable microphone jet / integral or or or optional
Stereo Earphones or or or or
Sharing between Bluetooth unit ** x or or or
Upgradeable or or or or
Configuration via Smartphone x x short x
Setting Social x x x x
Spacer Earphones Power Boost x x or or
Electronic volume control or or or or
Electronic control of noise x x or or
Vox or or or or
Universal pairing or or short or
Phone call pre-set x x or or
Bluetooth Version 3.0 or or or or
Remote control compatibility or or / /
Autonomy 10 hours 12 hours 10 hours 7 hours
Standard accessories in the box 8 6 10 8
Our considerations vote 0-5-10        
Practicality mounting clamp 7 7 7 7
Practicality mounting with adhesive 7 7 8 7
Installation Wiring 7 7 9 7
Installation Earphones 8 8 9 9
Installation Microphone 7 7 9 8
Software and Updates 7 7 9 8
Reliability 0-5-10 *** new model new model 9 9
Overall rating 43 **** 43 **** 60 55

* Connection with GPS: GPS only to devices with matching function intercom and telephone as the TomTom Rider and Garmin Zumo series, although there are devices on the market nowGPS that allow the coupling is not guaranteed operation, as not tested.

Sharing between Bluetooth units **: The ability to share the entrance to BT. with the connected device, eg if the pilot listening to music, can share it with the passenger and / or vice versa.

*** Reliability: Our vote is based on a ratio of returns and warranty issues arising from the installation is not carried out their duty.

**** Brand new, still do not have the basis for making an assessment

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