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Intercom G9X the evolution continues


G9X Powerset thistle interphone

The Cardo has developed systems to Android and soon on Apple, an application that allows you to configure the G9X and the SHO-01 (hopefully soon also for Q1 and Q3 TeamSet Multiset), within a few seconds!

Smoothly and without problems, just do the usual pairing with the phone system, launch the app and it will open a menu where interaggire directly with the device.

Do you wonder ... But what can serve?

Simply to yield at best all the potential of the G9X or SHO-01, for example:

  • 1) Set the control values ​​of the AGC (automatic volume control) in practice, the microphone detects the ambient noise and the basis of these increases or decreases the volume of your headphones inside the helmet. With a bar graph within the JPA can increase or decrease the basic setting where the AGC must leave or arrive.
  • 2) Set the values ​​of the VOX (voice activation) in practice with the VOX is activated automatically activated when we talk about communication with other devices Thistle, if we have a helmet may be noisy connections from unwanted and / or if we have a very quiet helmet not be able to automatically start when we talk about the connection to other devices Cardo.
  • 3) Unique of its kind in the G9X and SHO-01 with two ports for Bluetooth abbianre two telephones or other devices, their uniqueness lies in the fact that we can assign a priority to the door. (All devices on the market funzionona intercom for their connections with the priorities, ie, the main priority: Phone or GPS (Bluetooth port), second priority: Intercom function with other drivers or passenger (Intercom door), Third priority: MP3 Function Bluetooth (Bluetooth or other sources), the fourth priority: FM Radio Function with or without RDS, Last Priority: function connessiose with wire (wire type MP3 player with no Bluetooth). And what are they? : Fae is simply a call with priority higher than that in use is activated and transmitted through headphones, for example: you are talking with your passenger, but the GPS navigator you must send a question at this point is changed automatically connect with the passenger and activates the connection with the GPS, then return to the communication with the passenger when the GPS has finished the information.
  • 4) You can store radio stations in seconds, with a convenient horizontal scroll bar.
  • 5) And many other functions, as listed in the accompanying video.
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