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How to improve the asconto voice / music inside the helmet

Bluetooth Intercom

We often complain about the lack of power of the earphones for Motorcycles in just three minutes we can improve and amplify listening to music or voice inside our helmet.

We have four main advantages:

  • Consumption bottom of the bateria

  • Better audio quality

  • The lower audio distortion

  • Minor breakages speaker

By reducing the sound volume, we increase the life span of the bateria.
Listening to music or conversation will be more crisp and clean from noise distortion sound.
If we listen to music at full volume, we run the risk that a peak power may interrupt the speaker coil, result: Breaking speaker.

This solution is not suitable for all types of helmet, but lends useful on many motorcycle helmets, where the distance between the headset / speaker is remarkable.

  • Remove from streps the speaker.
  • Place on streps bearing spacer.
  • Replace the speaker on the bearing spacer.
In some cases we might have the speaker close to your ear, in this case:
  • Remove the speaker
  • Remove the bearing spacer
  • Press firmly (with your thumb) on the streps fixed on the helmet, forming a slight recess in the foam, just enough to bring down a few mm across the whole audio.
  • Replace, in this way we can recover up to 3mm
After making this change, there is a significant benefit.

Standard in all products Cardo and Sena

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