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Custodia Iphone rigida  Custodia Iphone morbida

From famous user of Apple's Smartphone (Iphone) and seller of accessories, I took into account to assess what the best case to bring our security in Motion Smartphone or on the scooter.

The models on sale are varied, including brands and models you might make mistakes in choosing the case that more than meets our needs.

Let the premises:

Surely we have a cover or a BAMP mounted on our Iphone.

Surely if you want to mount on the bike and use the browser that we need the Iphone is powered.

Equally we want that is not too bulky.


We start from the specific cases for Iphone:

1) Normally rigid plastic.

2) snap closure.

3) Often having no predisposition for power.

4) Quite bulky.


My solution:

SMSP Aarkstore ...

We can put our Iphone without removing the cover or the BAMP.

We can feed it, leaving the bare minimum the chiusuralampo open.

Size contunete more than all the others.

Soft, therefore we can store in tight spaces.

SUITABLE FOR: IPHONE 3 - iPhone 5 - iPhone 5


In specific cases with the cover or the bump does not enter

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