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To all our customers who are in no hurry to buy your own Bluetooth device, we offer the opportunity to become part of our GDA, we also offer the opportunity to manage other GDA to holders of private forums or discussion groups, for this option contattatateci.

The reservation of the device is not binding, orders received will be processed on the date indicated in the description and mode of GDA examined.

Booking is simple enough to register it, then send an email with the type and model of phone system you want to buy, then you will receive a receipt for the allocation of the GDA, you can check the status of the product on the price of accessing the site, more time to receive membership rate will lower the price. This does not mean that the product is also sold at the price at the beginning.

Summary of the procedure

Signing up and activate motointercom.it neews


Events Calendar purchasing groupconfirm membership (NO OBLIGATION)

Tell us via email (customer service) the device to which you are interested
We will confirm by e-mail activation to GDA
Joining with your account, you can check the current price of the GDA
Based on the price of membership varieremo, in any case remains affordable to the base price of the GDA
You can make your purchase and payment is by credit card or by bank transfer or otherwise paypall Mark
You will receive your order in 4 days maximum.





Cellularline F4 Twin

Midland BT2 Twin

Midland BT Next Twin

Cardo Scala Rider Q2 Multiset PRO

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Powerset

Cardo Scala Rider G9 Powerset

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