BA10 Charger 1000ma HOLDING 6-12V - 246700010
BA10 Charger 1000ma HOLDING 6-12V - 246700010
BA10 Charger 1000ma HOLDING 6-12V - 246700010
BA10 Charger 1000ma HOLDING 6-12V - 246700010
BA10 Charger 1000ma HOLDING 6-12V - 246700010
BA10 Charger 1000ma HOLDING 6-12V - 246700010
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BA10 Charger 1000ma HOLDING 6-12V

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Charger for motorcycles and scooters 6-12-v 1000ma 3-charge levels, short circuit protection, voltage selection 6v / 12v. Upload 4-80ah. Maintaining 4-120ah

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MAIN FEATURES: Automatic switching mode
Charger and Maintainer
 Easy to use: The battery charger is easy to use and requires no experience
 Charge & Maintain - Automatic charging: power-up, the charger switches
the system automatically charge, so you may be left unattended without

risk of overcharging of batteries.
 Charge & Maintain - Automatic Maintenance: When the battery state of charge
"Full", the charger automatically switches to battery maintenance. Please
monitoring the voltage of the battery and keeps the product at maximum performance
 Switching Output Voltage: allows selection of output at 6V or 12V
 Short circuit protection: The charger will automatically shut off when there is
a short circuit to prevent any damage
 Protection against polarity reversal: The charger can automatically shut down
when the output polarity is inverted and without damage

 It is suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries. (Conventional, AGM and Gel)
 Switch 6 Volt and 12 Volt Output
 Battery capacity: the following maximum Ah capacity should be used as a
general guide: Some types of batteries may be able to handle a higher charging current.
Check with the manufacturer of the battery during charging of batteries with low capacity

Charge Current: 1A
Battery Capacity in Charge: 2-40AH
Battery Capacity in Maintenance: 2-60 AH

Equipped with:
 Power Cable to the AC:
Cable or 6 meters with a 2 pin plug
 Output cable:
or 4 meter cable with quick connector
 Extension Cable:
or 2 meter cable with clamps / rings for terminals
 Operating temperature: 0-45 ° C
 Storage Temperature: -25 - 85 ° C
 Range of humidity range: 0-90% RH (relative humidity)
 Cooling: Passive / Natural


Name of Series BA10
Type Auto
Range of input voltage 100-240V
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output 1A @ 6/12
Dimensions (L * W * H) 100 * 65 * 36 mm
Weight 0.4Kg
Approvals CE, UL / cUL, Mzs, As


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