ProSound audio kit for Interphone of the XT and MC series

Advice on how to adapt the ProSound audio kit to helmets not specific to this kit.

The ProSound audio kits for the XT MC series were built for the two most popular helmet manufacturers, SHOEI and SCHUBERTH and now the only audio kits for the Cellularline intercom series.

The characteristic of the ProSound Kit is the predisposition on some helmets (those listed in the specifications of the two models of the Kit) of the earphones, which in addition to being larger in diameter (38mm membrane), also have a significantly improved audio response. They are also equipped with a pilot-type microphone and in the SHOEI model it is also supplied for the full-face helmet. Both models are equipped with mounting accessories and both clamp and adhesive support for mounting the control unit on the helmet.

SHOEI model

shoei prosound


schunert prosound

Now let's see in detail how the speakers are structured, which are in fact the only thing that needs to be adapted.

Schuberth kit loudspeaker


Speaker Kit SHOEI


The main problem is how to insert the speakers inside the helmet, there are three solutions:

The first is to cut the plastic around the speaker, use a streps to be applied only on the metal surface of the speaker (this to make it maintain excellent acoustic characteristics).

The second solution is to try to shape the plastic around the headset (in this case the one for the Schuberth model is more suitable) and fit it under the helmet padding.

The third solution is to adapt the adhesive (in this case the SHOEI model is more suitable) for mounting in the predisposition (recessed in the polystyrene of the shell in the helmet).

It is enough to have a minimum of manual skills to do an excellent job and in this way you can continue to use your Interphone